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Cleaning Up A Sewage Backup in Essex, CT

12/29/2022 (Permalink)

Cleaning Up A Sewage Backup Near Me in Essex, CT When you're dealing with a sewage backup in Essex, CT, we're ready to respond immediately to make sure your disaster is "Like it never even happened."

Nobody wants to deal with a sewage backup, but when they do occur, they require extreme caution and help from a professional. 

Sewage water contains bacteria and viruses that can make you sick and contaminate various areas throughout your home. That’s why it’s important to avoid all affected areas and call an experienced company to begin cleanup immediately. Between the water damage, odors, and affected furniture or other items, it can feel like a serious disaster.

There are several reasons you may experience a sewage backup in Essex, CT, but there are also many things you can do to avoid them in the first place. Here, we’ll outline what causes sewage backups, as well as the steps to take in the event one occurs in your home or business.

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What Causes Sewage Backups?

There’s a variety of reasons your sewer may be backing up, but the most common causes include:

  • Clogs in drain pipes or main sewer line. When you flush items down the toilet like ‘flushable’ wipes, paper towels, sanitary products, or put food scraps or grease down kitchen drains, it can cause serious clogs in your drain pipes. This will eventually prevent water from flowing away from your home and result in a backup.
  • Physical damage to sewer lines. Normal wear and tear, like corrosion and sediment build-up, can make your pipes more susceptible to cracks and damage.
  • Tree roots growing into pipes or septic system. One of the top reasons for sewage backups are tree roots damaging, disconnecting, or completely blocking sewer lines.
  • Overflowing septic tank. If your home septic system reaches its maximum capacity and you don’t have it pumped out in time, it can overflow and cause a sewage backup.
  • Heavy rains or flooding. During periods of heavy rains and flooding, municipal sewer systems can become overwhelmed and cause sewage water to back up into your home or business. 

What To Do When Your Sewer Backs Up

  • Don’t enter the affected area! Sewage water is actually Category 3 water, which means it’s highly unsanitary and can result in severe illness if ingested or improperly handled. That’s why it’s so important to avoid any affected areas to keep you and your family safe.
  • Contact a plumber or septic service. There’s a reason that you’re dealing with a sewage backup, and you’ll need to have it addressed to prevent it from happening again.
  • Call a professional sewage backup cleaning service in Essex, CT. It’s essential to seek immediate assistance from an experienced biohazard cleaning and restoration company. SERVPRO of Old Saybrook provides a 24/7 emergency response to begin immediate sewage backup cleanup in Essex, CT.
  • Call your insurance company. Depending on the cause, it’s likely that the damages from sewage will be covered by insurance. Call your insurance company to find out more information and open a claim.
  • Avoid using your toilets and sinks until the sewage backup is taken care of. During a backup, water has nowhere to flow out of your home. If you try to use toilets or sinks, the issue can become worse. 

Professional Sewage Backup Cleanup in Essex, CT

After your sewer backs up or toilet overflows, you need to seek help from a company with the training and resources needed to provide expert sewage backup cleaning in Essex, CT.

As your local sewage and biohazard cleanup company with over 15 years of experience, you can trust SERVPRO of Old Saybrook to handle any size sewage backup in Essex, CT. Our team is highly trained with all of the knowledge, equipment, and resources needed to restore your home to safe and sanitary conditions.

When you call SERVPRO of Old Saybrook for sewage backup cleanup in Essex, CT, we’re ready to make your sewage disaster “Like it never even happened.”

Get 24/7 Sewage Backup Cleaning in Essex, CT - 860-388-1776

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